Elizabeth Harrison-Rapp

Professional Makeup Artist

My name is Elizabeth Harrison-Rapp and most of my friends know me by Liz for short.

I am a multi published makeup artist & beauty professional in San Antonio, Texas, where I was born and raised.

I am a person who has a keen sense of passion for life. I incorporate my free time to my profession as well as my family and friends whom I carry with me as a graceful inspiration.

I am a lover of my two children, music, travel and community events, as well as educating awareness in my faith through our Lord and Savior.

I have been featured in the SA Monthly Magazine … 

Makeup Artistry

It is a pleasure to be able to utilize my self-taught tips and creative approach to provide my clients a cultivating experience, affordable pricing, and the peace of mind and confidence they crave from the latest beauty trends.

Ardor Beauty Mentorship

Beauty mentoring for freelancing makeup artists (mua) and cosmetology students who need beginning advice,  guidance, direction, and inspiration.

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